Tenant Testimonials

"This is one of the cleanest, most pleasant buildings I have worked in.

I have been employed for over 43 years and find that this building and the dedicated people who run this building to be one of the best office buildings I have worked in. It isn't just that it is immaculate and each person who is involved with the operation and maintenance of this particular building is very committed to the high quality we receive here. It is that you can walk into the building any day of the week and see that it is run with a view to quality and further, it maintains its standards whether it is an ordinary Wednesday or the week we had to close the building due to the Hydro explosion. Of course, that alone spoke volumes to all of us. The professional manner in which we were advised about the problem and that we were constantly kept informed as the repairs were being conducted.

I can ony speak for myself, but must say on a personal basis, that we have always enjoyed being here and working with the various people who diligently keep this building humming."

Toby E. Harrison,
95 St-Clair, Toronto, Ontario